Nextv Ad Europe


The TV landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. The popularity of streaming services is rising and the amount of time spent watching live TV is declining. This shift in viewing habits has led operators to develop new technologies and tools to provide a more targeted advertising offer and advertisers have to adapt their media Nextv Ad Europe

Nextv AD Latin America


Nextv Ad Latin America 2021 will bring together the entire TV advertising ecosystem to explore the latest developments in TV advertising and how programmatic and addressable TV strategies integrate. Experts from publishers, brands, media agencies, operators and tech providers will meet in this virtual event to share their insights and address the key challenges on Nextv AD Latin America

Nextv Ad France


Digitalization has considerably changed the TV and entertainment landscape over the last few years, providing new opportunities for advertisers to reach their audiences with advanced ad products and targeted campaigns. On TV screens, digital ads facilitate campaign automation, audience tracking, effectiveness measurement and even push new technical solutions for ad creation and branding. The conference Nextv Ad France

Nextv Ad CEE & DACH


With a growing number of connected TV sets and a significant penetration of IP based TV & video services, advanced advertising products keep on being deployed across Europe. CEE and DACH markets’ operators and broadcasters have been leading the way for advertising innovations in Europe over the last few years with HbbTV ad products. Meanwhile, Nextv Ad CEE & DACH

Nextv AD Spain


With 18 million TV households, Spain is one of the biggest TV markets in Europe. As a growing number of connected screens are making their way into Spanish living rooms, new business opportunities emerge for media agencies and advertisers through addressable TV. National broadcasters already deployed HbbTV based advanced ad products, and local IP based Nextv AD Spain

Nextv AD USA


How MVPDs and TV networks will move to new advanced TV advertising platforms to meet growing demands from marketers to get more cost-effective, data-driven, efficient and targeted campaigns on TV screens following the new digital advertising model. The Android revolution on connected STBs is bringing a new opportunity and a new challenge to MVPDs and Nextv AD USA