Leonardo de Biase | BBL - Founder & Partner

Leo De Biase 200
Working with Games/IT/E-Sports since 1998. Founder of CPL Latin America, worked with all major E-sports leagues like World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup. To this date deeply involved into the Latin American gaming scenario holding strong relationships with publishers, developers, e-sports organizations, influencers and other companies that are a part of the ecosystem. Creative thinker, team builder / manager, business / partnership developer. Sales and ROI oriented Help built 65 i-cafes in Brazil as a part of a franchise for gamers Created the first National Gaming League – Monkey League Headed the startup operation of a German gaming company in Brazil through P & L deployment and growth business plan Sound experience with: planning, finance, marketing, sales, social, public relations, human resources. I love empowering others with new tools and skills; understanding insight, and clarity are the metrics by which I measure my success. This resulted from my deep practice of team playing, knowledge of my audience and the products I’ve dealt with. I’m a public speaker and out of the box thinker. I have a history of managing large and small teams. Project development and implementation became one of my favorite challenges.