Lars Lofas | Cox Communications - Vice President Residential Products

Lars Lofas 200
Cox Communications
Lars Lofas leads residential product development & management for Cox Communications in Atlanta Georgia, joining the company in 2021; he has 20+ years of experience working in the Telecommunications Industry. He started as a Product Manager for TCI in Seattle when cable companies were acquiring smaller cable operators to serve an entire city or DMA. He participated in the consolidating and incorporating those companies’ operations. Once AT&T Broadband acquired TCI, he was promoted to Director and the company invested in Fiber Optic rebuilds where he led the strategy to standardize technology, channel lineups and pricing throughout the Region. AT&T created a new Region in Portland, Oregon and he was promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Sales as part of that Region’s Senior Leadership Team. He led more than 130 professionals in marketing, advertising, pricing, packaging, analytics, inbound sales, direct sales as well as the MDU account executive team. In 2004 Comcast acquired AT&T Broadband’s cable operations. The Portland Region went on to subsequently win Comcast’s System of the Year twice. He then went on to create and lead Product Management for the West Division of Comcast, managing 200+ channel lineups, overseeing pricing & packaging and introduced numerous products including all digital, X1, cDVR and Xfinity Home. After that he joined Comcast’s corporate team to help create the go-to-market plans for what was to become Xfinity Mobile. Then he was tapped to lead efforts to build digital software and tools for both employees and customers, to create an omnichannel web-based ordering experience for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Lars has three children – Ava, Finn and Johan. He loves playing guitar and tennis, skiing and cycle spinning. He lives in Atlanta with Colleen.