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Jonatan Cisterna- CEO- Temporada de Juegos

Jonatan Cisterna- CEO- Temporada de Juegos

Leonardo de Biase – Founder & Partner – BBL

Working with Games/IT/E-Sports since 1998. Founder of CPL Latin America, worked with all major E-sports leagues like World Cyber Games and Electronic Sports World Cup.

To this date deeply involved into the Latin American gaming scenario holding strong relationships with publishers, developers, e-sports organizations, influencers and other companies that are a part of the ecosystem.

Creative thinker, team builder / manager, business / partnership developer. Sales and ROI oriented

Help built 65 i-cafes in Brazil as a part of a franchise for gamers
Created the first National Gaming League – Monkey League

Headed the startup operation of a German gaming company in Brazil through P & L deployment and growth business plan

Sound experience with: planning, finance, marketing, sales, social, public relations, human resources.

I love empowering others with new tools and skills; understanding insight, and clarity are the metrics by which I measure my success. This resulted from my deep practice of team playing, knowledge of my audience and the products I’ve dealt with.

I’m a public speaker and out of the box thinker. I have a history of managing large and small teams. Project development and implementation became one of my favorite challenges.

Guilherme Augusto Figueiredo – Founder and Managing Director – NSports

Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios experimentado y emprendedor con una historia demostrada de lanzamiento y desarrollo de nuevos proyectos en la industria de eventos deportivos y medios de transmisión. Experto en marketing deportivo, medios digitales, negociación, planificación comercial, desarrollo comercial y ventas de patrocinio. Fuerte formador de equipos y profesional en gestión de proyectos.

Guilherme Augusto Figueiredo – Founder and Managing Director – NSports

Experienced Business Development Manager and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of launching and developing new projects in the sports events and broadcast media industry. Skilled in Sports Marketing, Digital Media, Negotiation, Business Planning, Commercial Development and Sponsorship Sales. Strong team builder and project management professional.