Bringing storytelling back to the news

What are the real stories that reflect the whole continent? How can we redefine the politics of news coverage? What’s the future of African media? How can we use trust to combat fake news? News audience = news app user? What target groups are we dealing with?

Nextv Series Afrique


For this second edition, we will regroup influential players from the TV, Telco, Video, OTT & Entertainment Business in the region. See how our key executives will address the crucial challenges and opportunities of TV, OTT, Digital and Social Media that will transform the broadcasting ecosystem in French Francophone Africa.

Nextv CEO Africa


The 5th edition of Nextv CEO Africa was held virtually on the 29 and 30 March 2021 where we welcomed more than 200 attendees, and over 40 speakers where industry leaders discussed on new trends, business models and regulatory issues; and also reinforced relationships between FTAs, Pay-TV operators, OTT, satellite operators, TV channels, music, production, Nextv CEO Africa